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Teeth Whitening Consultation

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What We Provide

In Office Regular Teeth Whitening


Make your way to our office and have your teeth transformed by the time you come out! Our 60 minute treatment consists of applying a professional  grade gel onto the surface of your teeth, combined with a led light. t will lift stains off the surface of your teeth.

Mobile Teeth Whitening


Enjoy having your teeth whitened in the comfort of your own home or office space! This consists of a regular 60 minute teeth whitening

The best candidates for teeth whitening have healthy teeth and gum tissues, and regularly visit the dentist. Teeth whitening does not get rid of plaque and calculus buildup. The purpose of teeth whitening is to remove surface stains from the enamel of your teeth! Most clients see instant results and leave with a NEW SMILE 2-9 shades lighter!

Experience the safest, quickest, most effective teeth whitening program outside of a dental office. This is not a dental procedure, it is a cosmetic session assisted by a trained technician.

To start the treatment we will apply a Hydrogen Peroxide based whitening agent to your teeth.

We use the highest strength of Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel that can be used outside of a dental office. 

We then place our LED blue light directly in front of your exposed teeth for 30 minutes per treatment. The lighting systems we use activate the whitening agent and that's what accelerates the whitening process, giving you whiter teeth in an hour. Multiple sessions may be needed to achieve your desired outcome.

Other factors that contribute to your results include the porosity of your teeth, your teeth may or may not react to the whitening gel immediately. So although you may have light to moderate staining of your teeth that are not porous then you may require a longer session to see results. 

At the end of your appointment you will be provided with smile maintenance instructions! 

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In Office Teeth Whitening

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Mobile Teeth Whitening


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